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RIMCO Rotators can be implemented into a typical workshop layout and will replace the traditional method of trestle table welding stations.

Have you ever considered how much production time you could save if your guys didn’t have to re-harness beams to turn them in the welding process?

  • How much time could be saved if you could run a whole production shop without waiting for a crane?
  • Have you ever considered a production process where overhead cranes were no longer essential?
  • Are you seeking to reduce your risk of injury on the workshop floor.  Is workplace health and safety a concern for you in the material handling of structural steel?

We created the solution!
RIMCO Rotators have been developed to maximise efficiency of fabrication time on the metal-shop floor.

60% reduction in material handling time during fabrication is significant! Anecdotal evidence shows that what one fabricator produced in 8 hours now only takes 6 hours! That’s a 25% reduction in fabrication costs!


  • Quoting fabrication costs 25% less than your competitors = more business!
  • Your profit margins on fabrication increasing by 25% = more money in the bank!

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