Frequently Asked Questions

1I don’t quite understand what these machines are or how they work, can you help me?
RIMCO Rotators can be implemented into a typical workshop layout and will replace the traditional method of trestle table welding stations. We find a picture (or video in this case) is worth a thousand words. Please click on the quick link to view the Rotators in action.
2How do I know which machine will suit our needs?
We would be happy to assist in assessing your individual needs. Please click on the quick link and complete the “Request a Quotation” form for an obligation free assessment and associated costings.
3What services are required to install the RIMCO Rotator?
The RIMCO Rotator requires electrical and air services. To ensure your specific requirements are met, each client completes a questionnaire which advises us of your needs.
4What are the key benefits offered by the RIMCO Rotator?
  • 100% safe for welding and positioning!
  • Increase in productivity!
  • Reduce injuries!
  • Save on overheads and wages!
  • Eliminate dangerous turning bars and hold beams safe!
Please see below for further explanation:
  • The RIMCO Rotator allows a fabricator a safer way to hold and turn steel sections as steel is completely enclosed in a locked turning ring.
  • Faster fabrication turn around due to savings in down-time experienced when turning or “tacking bracing stay’s” on steel.
  • Reduced need for overhead cranes. RIMCO Rotator enables factories to have fewer over head cranes per welding station, reduces the use of each over head crane meaning reduction in power, and maintenance and repair which can all be costly.
  • A Safe turning solution as steel is completely braced and therefore presents no risk of toppling or falling. This also means that overall crane lifts are reduced to a minimum.
  • The RIMCO Rotator allows the fabricator to turn steel in continuously clockwise or anti-clockwise. When steel can be stopped a the most ergonomic position for comfortable welding, fabricators are able to concentrate for longer and don’t experience as much fatigue.
  • Continuous turning and easy access also means that all welding can be checked easily, throughly and quickly.
  • Safer fabrication method reducing individual body “wear and tear” and reducing major incidence – lowering OH&S costs.
  • Implementing the RIMCO Rotator helps ensure everyone gets home safely

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