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Rimco Rotator – R24

Product Description

This is the swiss army knife of our range. The R24 is our most flexible machine and is perfect for a range of steel sizes and shapes. This is ideal for small to medium sized fabrication shops and can hold and turn square, round, rectangular or castellated steel sections up to 24” web and 12” flange. It also doubles as a traditional trestle table when required.

  • Jaw Dimensions  Imperial – 24” wide x 12” high
  • Metric – 600mm wide x 300mm high
  • SWL per unit: 2750lb or 1250kg
  • 2 units combined SWL: 5500lb or 2500kg

Our range has grown as the result of customer needs and we welcome your enquiry – for a custom made solution contact us or request a quote.


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